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     Facilities 设施
    Comprehensive Virtual Pratical Training Center of Finance and Economics财经类专业综合仿真实训中心
    “Nine minus one” Campus Express Service Center九减一校园快递服务中心
    ‘Tiny Time’ Book Café  “小时光”书吧
    Grocery——‘Meishimeike’  “美食美刻”休闲食品店
    Accounting Service Practical Training Room 会计服务实训室
    Foreign Accounting Practical Training Room 涉外会计实训室
    Accounting Comprehensive Practical Training Room 会计综合实训室
    ERP Comprehensive Practical Training Room  ERP综合实训室
    Logistics Cognitive Training Room 物流认知实训室
    Modern Intelligent logistics Training Room 现代智能物流实训室
    Business Simulation Operations Training Room 企业仿真模拟运营实训室
    Business Training Room 商务实训室
    Simulate House-Selling Training Room 模拟售房实训室
    Chinese Cuisine Training Room 中餐实训室
    Room Service Training Room 客房实训室
    Desserts and Beverage Training Room西点酒水实训室

    2.  Programs offered 本学院所提供的专业
    2.1 Accounting会计
    Program Goals 专业培养目标
    Accounting major cultivates applied talents with high comprehensive quality, strong professional skills. Oriented by employment and students' long-term development, Enterprise simulation training as the core, Based on the three certificates simultaneously(Graduation certificate, Certificate of accounting vocational qulification,Accountant title certificate), “Junior college education coupling undergraduate education" as the driving force for students’ sustainable development.
     会计专业培养综合素质高,专业技能强的应用型人才。以就业和学生的长足发展为导向, 以企业仿真实训为核心,以三证并举为基础(毕业证、会计从业资格证、会计职称证), 以“专科衔接本科”学习为可持续发展推动力。
    Core Curriculum 核心课程
     Accounting basis会计核算基础
     Basic business accounting基本业务核算
     Cost accounting成本核算
     Financial regulations财经法规
     Accounting statements preparation and analysis会计报表编制与分析
     Special business accounting特殊业务核算
     Financial software utilization财务软件运用
     ERP utilization  ERP运用
     Tax calculation and declaration 税费计算与申报
     Industry accounting comparison行业会计比较
     Financial Management财务管理
     Audit practice审计实务

2.2 Accounting (Sino-Australian Cooperation Education ) 会计(中澳合作办学)
Program Goals 专业培养目标
 Cultivate comprehensive talents with strong Oral English and professional English, who can catch the essence of accounting practices freely. They study based on acquiring five certificates as diploma issue by China、diploma issue by Australia、license of accountant 、certificate of foreign accounting post、accounting certificate(primary) as the pass way to improve college diploma to undergraduate diploma is their continuous momentum.
 培养具备较强英语口语专业英语和扎实会计专业实践能力综合型人才。以五证并举为基础(中方毕业证、澳方毕业证、会计从业资格证、涉外会计岗位证书、会计职称证),赌球技巧:以“专科衔本科”文凭为可持续发展推动力。
CQVIE Core Curriculum  CQVIE核心课程
 Accounting ABC 会计核算基础
 Financial Accounting企业基本业务核算
 Cost Accounting 成本核算
 Accounting Rules 会计法
 Tax Laws税法
 Foreign Accounting涉外业务核算
Australian Core Curriculum 澳方核心课程
 General English普通英语
 Prepare financial reports财务报表
 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities非报告制公司财务报表
 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities公司财务报告
 Set up and operate a computerised accounting system会计信息系统的建立
 Prepare operational budgets经营预算
 Manage budgets and forecasts运营预算与预测


2.3 Logistics Management物流管理
Program Goals 专业培养目标
 Through updated teaching reforms, Logistics Management department aims at cultivating new type of flow business talents with internet thinking and future commercial awareness, we train students to equip them with both the frontline operational ability and the management skills of leading and problem-solving, and with a high ability of sustainable development.
 通过与时俱进的教学改革,物流管理专业培养具有互联网思维与未来商业意识的新型流通商业人才,培养学生既有一线动手操作能力,又具备带头做事和解决问题的管理能力,可持续发展能力强。
Core Curriculum 核心课程
 Modern Intelligent Storage现代智能仓储
 Modern Intelligent Transportation现代智能运输
 Intelligent Distribution Center智能配送中心
 Transport Management Practices运输管理实务
 International Trade国际贸易
 International Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance国际货代与报关
 Logistics Optimization物流运筹优化
 Logistics Information Technology物流信息技术
 Supply Chain Management供应链管理
 Business Simulation Operations企业仿真模拟运营
 container transportation practices集装箱运输实务
 Logistic Marketing物流市场营销
 Internet Thinking and Finance互联网思维与金融
 Electronic Commerce电子商务
 Network Marketing and Entrepreneurship网销与创业


2.4 Marketing市场营销
Program Goals 专业培养目标
 Marketing program cultivates students’ noble sentiments. It also helps students to lay solid professional foundations, master marketing management and planning theory, and develop strong marketing and planning practical skills. Marketing program is to train students as high-skilled professionals.
 培养情操高尚,基础扎实,掌握市场营销管理与策划理论,具有较强市场营销业务与策划实际能力,高端技能型专门人才。
Core Curriculum 核心课程
 Marketing Planning营销策划
 Marketing市场营销
 Marketing Research and Forecasts市场调研与预测
 Public Relations公共关系
 Advertising Planning广告策划
 Business Negotiations and Promotions谈判与推销
 Consumer Psychology消费心理学
 Real Estate Marketing房地产营销
 Automotive Marketing汽车及配件营销
 Financial Marketing金融营销


2.5 Tourism Management旅游管理
Program Goals 专业培养目标
 Tourism Management program cultivates students’ comprehensive quality, while develops students’ professional skills as tour guide. Our program trains students to be application-oriented talents and equips them with tourism marketing and planning skill.
 培养综合素质高,导游专业技能强,具备旅游营销和策划能力的应用型人才。
Core Curriculum 核心课程
 Introduce to Tourism旅游学概论
 Tourism English旅游英语
 Travel Agency Management旅行社管理
 Tourism Marketing Strategy旅游市场营销
 Simulated Tour Guide Training模拟导游
 Tour Guide导游业务
 Tour Guide of Chongqing重庆导游
 Concierge Service and Body Shape Training礼宾服务与形体训练
 Management and Administration of Scenic Spot景区经营与管理


2.6 Hospitality Management酒店管理
Program Goals 专业培养目标
 Giving students professional training placements, and making them qualified to high-class hotel and international cruise, meanwhile giving students a head start in their career.
 培养胜任五星级国际酒店和涉外邮轮服务管理的高素质技能型人才。
Core Curriculum 核心课程
 Oral English in Hospitality酒店服务英语
 Hospitality and Tourism Industry旅游学概论
 Services Marketing酒店市场营销
 Manners and Rituals in Service形体与礼仪
 Hotel Management Principles饭店管理概论
 Beverage Making and Service酒水服务与制作
 Restaurant Operations and Management餐饮及宴会服务管理
 Rooms Division Management前厅、客房服务与管理实务

3. For More Information, Contact 更多信息,请联系
Xiaoyan Tang
Dean of Finance & Trade Department财经与贸易学院院长


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